Order and Payment

A. Please place an order through our website.
We request a 3-days transit time for regular shipping. Please place your order at least 3 days prior to your pick up (or arrival) date.


A. Rentals include internet access and equipment. (Pocket Wi-Fi with charger and return envelope). That is all you will need.

A. We accept credit card payments and PayPal only.  Visa, Master, AMEX and Diners are available.

A. Yes. Please let us know how many days you would like to extend. We would charge the extension fee on your credit card from our end.

Cost of Additional one day for Pocket Wifi: 4 USD

A. Compensation fees are as follows

Wifi device : 20,000 JPY
Adapter : 1,000 JPY
USB cable : 500 JPY
Wifi back cover : 1,000 JPY

Delivery and pickup

A. When you order your Pocket WiFi online, you will be asked when and how you prefer to have it delivered. You can choose to pick it up at your arrival airport or at your hotel in Japan.

You can have your pocket WiFi device delivered to the following airports:

  1. Narita Airport, Terminal 1 post office, Open 365 days 8:30-20:00
  2. Narita Airport, Terminal 2 post office, Open 365 days 8:30-20:00
  3. Haneda Airport post office, Open Week day only 9:00-17:00
  4. Kansai Airport, post office Open 365 days 9:00-17:00
  5. Chubu Airport (Centrair) post office, Open Week day only 9:00-17:00
  6. New Chitose Airport (Hokkaido) post office, Open 365 days 9:00-17:00
  7. Naha Airport post office, Open 365 days 9:00-17:00


    **In case of a flight delay, there is a possibility that you can’t pick up your ordered item.
    If your flight is scheduled to arrive less than 2 hours prior to close time of the post office, we highly recommend you to receive your ordered item at your hotel or where you stay.

    Please noticed that you will be responsible if you can’t receive your ordered items due to late arrival.

    In that case, we will arrange to transfer your item to where you are staying. It will take one or more days, and an additional transport charge. No refund can be offered for the lost days.**

A. Your pickup location will be Narita Airport Terminal 2 Post office. It is determined depending on your arrival time. Please take the free bus from terminal 3 to terminal 2. It only takes 10 minutes.

A. Unfortunately, Japan Postal Service will not be able to deliver the item to
Airbnb. We would like to have it delivered to the nearest post office from the location. We are able to find one if you could put your Airbnb address in the order form.

A. Yes, it is possible. Please fill in the recipient’s passport name on the delivery information order form. The name on the package and the recipient’s passport name must be the same.

A. Yes. Please fill in the rightful house holder’s full name on the delivery information order form. If the mailman from Japan Postal Service cannot verify the name, delivery will be unsuccessful. They are not able to deliver to a rental apartment such as Airbnb.

About Pocket Wi-Fi

A pocket Wi-Fi router provides a secure, private Internet connection with a solid firewall. It works with smart phones,laptops, and tablets, and it allows multiple devices to share a single connection. This is an excellent solution for travelers who only have access to one Internet connection but need all of their devices online simultaneously.

A. Yes. You can connect any device that can be connected to Wifi: Smartphones, iPad, tablets, laptops, PSP, etc…

A.  Of course. All devices connected to the router will share the same data plan. You can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously.


A. When you rent your device, you will receive the rental items, plus a prepaid return envelope. To return the device to us, please place all rental items into the prepaid return envelope, seal it, and then drop it in any mailbox. You will easily find mailboxes all around Japan, as well as in the airport before the security gates. You do not have to directly return the rental items to our office counter. If you have any questions, please contact us.

A. Could you please go to the post office or Lawson (convenience store) and purchase an envelope called “Letter Pack light 360”?  Please drop it off in any mailbox you can find anywhere in Japan.


Return address:

A. Yes, there are postboxes at major airports. Please drop off your return envelope before going through the security check. There is no outgoing mailbox after the security screening.

A. You may drop it off in any mailbox throughout Japan.

A. Yes. You can ask your hotel front desk to mail out. However, please be sure to follow up on the shipping status, as customers are responsible for returning the rental units. When you ask the front desk, please ensure that they will send it out within a day.  

A. Please email us immediately.  As stated in our terms and conditions, late fees will accumulate until we confirm your return.  Please send it back to us with a traceable shipper such as DHL,UPS, EMS etc.  

*Our prepaid return envelope cannot be used internationally.


Return address: