Welcome to Katana rental WiFi, MiFi, the premier provider of mobile Internet pocket WiFi rental nationwide. Located in Tokyo, Japan. Katana WiFi was founded in 2014. Our mission is to provide high-speed mobile Internet access, with the highest level of quality. At Katana WiFi, our skilled and friendly employees strive to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Why Rent a Pocket WiFi in Japan?

There is always a time when you have a Business trip, or Vacation with your Family or with your Friends. But it must be inconvenient when you have not prepared any internet access to secure your trip in Japan.

Somehow, we may think that we can access Internet at the Hotel or your booked Airbnb. However, Internet services will be additional to your accommodation fee and not to mention that the prices are very high. Due to the poor security, this can also be daingerous. Besides, so many people are connecting into it and you might want to think for our data security. It is not recommended to do Bank Transaction or Cloud Management through Public Wi-Fi.

The Best Device is Pocket WiFi

Our Pocket Wi-Fi is connected to one of the major internet providers. SoftBank will give you the fastest internet service. The main attribute is real Unlimited Data. The most charming point is its portability. It’s not called Pocket Wi-Fi for nothing. The battery lasts about 9 hours. Pairing with Power Bank could be a quick solution for your long trip.

Most commonly, “They” do advertise that their Pocket Wi-Fi has unlimited data, but you still have to manage 1 GB for 3 days. When it reaches the data limit, it slow down the internet speed. No one wants that, but unlike the rest. We provide Worry-free, Hassle-free, Unlimited Data Internet Service in your hand.

Our main factors are ease of use and fast and friendly services. Delivery to Hotel, Residential Address, Japan Post Offices is FREE. By the end of the rental date, you can return the rental item by placing Pocket Wi-Fi and accessories to return envelope (Letter Pack Lite) then post the packed envelope to Post Box. Also we can support Mandarin, English and Japanese, 24/7.

This is the # 1 Best Service you can find.

Why Not to Use Public WiFi

Cyber Crime is not rare anymore. Research says that 1TB from Credit Card is being stolen every day, including e-mail credentials. Because of this, there are very few people using public Wi-Fi in Japan because they are concerned for security for their private accounts.

Selecting Public WiFi is Risky

The tricky part is that the hacker will try to lure you to generic SSiD name such as, “Free Wi-Fi Japan”, “(coffee shop’s Name) Free Wi-Fi”. “Free (name of airport) WiFi)” They set the exact same SSiD name and the same password. Sometimes there don’t require a password. You might thought this is lucky but it is not. Once your device is connected to it, you are connecting into someone else’s access point that allows them to access your computer device. Which is not so nice.

What Will Happen If You Select a Public WiFi That Seems Safe

First, you don’t want to expose your data. The hacker’s system will give you a fake pop-up menu, such as Gmail, Amazon, and etc. Hacking System will give you fake pop-up to make you log in and steal your account. Commonly, cyber-criminals will try to manipulate no only your messages, but your private account will also be at risk, especially when transacting net banking account. The moment you made a transaction through fake public Wi-Fi, it also means that your ID and the Password is going through the attacker’s access point encrypted. It applies to your transactions on any other website, which can expose your credit-card account and can be easily stolen.

At worst, hackers can steal all your data and send you a virus / Malware. It is not easy to track a hacker in public.

Looking for free Wi-Fi spots in Japan is not as easy as other countries. The same thing goes for getting a sim card. If 300MB to 500MB a day is enough for you we may recommend purchasing prepaid sim card. However, you will have to make sure that your mobile device is a factory unlock to read foreign sim card.

Getting a real, unlimited data Pocket Wi-Fi at a very reasonable price at the airport or your hotel is the best choice.

Most of the free Wi-Fi spots in Japan are connected to subscriber networks like SoftBank or Docomo and you must login to the account. These cannot be accessed easily.


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