The following terms and conditions are provided in the pack to customers and refer to the distribution points on the website:
Katana WiFi terms and condition, which are published on the website, shall apply:
Katana WiFi may accept variant clauses only in the case of an explicit written agreement.

Rregistration For Using KATANA WiFi Services
The customer must fill out a form and accept the general terms and conditions to use KATANA WiFi services.
The client gives the following information directly or by an intermediary service provider on the web-browser:

Under the following information:
First Name
Last Name
Address (billing address)
E-mail address
Phone number

Permission To Use And Accese
1. We will permit you to access, use and interact with the website solely for your personal use, but you are subject to these terms and conditions.
2. By accessing and using the website (whether with or without registering an account), you represent that you are at least 18 years of age and have the legal capacity to enter into legally binding agreements.
3. We reserve the right at any time to deny or restrict access to the website to any particular person, or to block access to the website from a particular Internet address, without notice and without need to prescribe any reason therefore.

Rental Period
The rental period begins at the start date at noon (JST), and ends at noon (JST) on your end date.

Our payments are operated by PayPal ( and Stripe ( with an alias of your credit card (virtual Credit Card Imprint).

All customers are required to return rental equipment as instructed on KATANA WiFi web page (by noon of the next day of rental period’s end).
Customers are obligated to return equipment immediately upon request by  KATANA WiFi, If not returned properly; the customers will be charged 15USD / day up to two months after the return date.
If any damage is inflicted to the equipment upon inappropriate return, customers will be charged with full cost for repair / replacement of the equipment.

Cancellation Policy
The Pocket Wifi is 100% refundable up to one week before the rental start date. If it is past this date, we will charge the 10USD for cancellation fee.

Allocated Capacity with Soft bank Pocket WiFi
Unlimited usage of all types including audio/video streaming and movie downloads with softbank WiFi hotspot.

Allocated Capacity with Y-mobile Pocket WiFi
10GB data cap

Damage and Loss
In case of loss or damage of equipment within the contract period, customers will be charged the following compensation by Katana WiFi:
– Pocket WiFi device: 200USD
– Charger: 10USD
– USB cable: 5USD
– Case: 5USD

For Usage Inside The Japan Only
We do not allow usage of the air cards outside Japan.
If you use the air card outside the Japan, you will be charged for the international roaming fees incurred.

Ownership Of Equipment
By using this service, you agree and acknowledge you are renting Equipment for travel purposes only, and that you will acquire no rights in the Equipment.

You agree that we will retain all ownership of the Equipment, including but not limited to user guides and accessories.

Customer Warranty
If you are renting this Equipment on behalf of an entity rather than for your own personal use, then you represent and warrant that you are fully authorized to enter into this Agreement on behalf of such entity, and to bind such entity to the terms and conditions set forth in this Rental Agreement.
You further represent and warrant that you are not committing any fraud or misrepresentation in entering this Rental Agreement.

Company Warranty
Company warrants that the Equipment will be delivered in good working order and condition, and that it will continue to operate properly during the term of the Rental Period.

Governing Law
1. The governing law shall be the laws of Japan.
2. Where there are any discrepancies between the Japanese Agreement and any other agreement such as the English Agreement, the Japanese Agreement shall apply preferentially.