Mobile WiFi, MiFi Hotspot Plan for Japan

Rent a pocket Wi-Fi (HOTSPOT MiFi) device allowing you can travel to Japan with your smartphone, laptop, tablet, knowing that you can securely and reliably connect all of your devices to the internet, whenever you want. Enjoy high-speed 4G access During your trip.
Delivery fee and return envelope included.  

Order acceptance

Please place order at least a week prior to your pick up (or arrival) date.

Unlimited Pocket Wi-Fi

Population-based coverage - up to 99%
unlimited access - 9-10 hours continuous use
Up to 187.5 Mbps (download), 37.5 Mbps (upload) speed
High-end WiFi device model of Softbank 304ZT
All types supported: PC, Mac, iOS and Android

Rental Fee By Days

First 5 days: 11 USD for each day
Additional days: 4 USD for each day
Free delivery and return envelope incuded
The price is fixed!

The Contents Of Rental Set


How Does the Rental Process Work?

Book Online

Please fill in order details on the order form. We will send you a booking confirmation and payment procedure information by email.


We deliver the pocket Wi-Fi to your hotel, apartment or airport in Japan.

Enjoy Internet

You simply have to turn the pocket wifi router on and connect up to 10 devices to the pocket wifi. Simple, fast and effective!

Easy Return

Drop-off into any mail box in Japan. Put everything together into the return envelope as provided.

Rental Pocket Wi-Fi terms

We recommend that you book the pocket Wi-Fi device at least 1 week before your rental start date. Regarding the delivery we can ship the pocket Wi-Fi device to your Hotel/Apartment/ post office/Airport anywhere in Japan
For the Return, we will provide a prepaid return envelope that you simply need to drop into any mailbox in Japan

You Can Choose Various Pick up Locations

Your Benefits with Our Pocket Wi-Fi

  • 365 days customer support
  • Free delivery and return envelope incuded
  • Urgent order available
  • No deposit is required
  • We accept credit cards and PayPal payment
  • Unlimited internet access: 187.5 Mbps down Max, 35 Mbps Up Max
  • Flexible rental policy, starting from 5 days of rental period
  • The price is fixed. No additional delivery costs


A. Please place an order through our website.
Please place order at least a week prior to your pick up (or arrival) date.

A. When you order your Pocket WiFi online, you will be asked when and how you prefer to have it delivered. You can choose to pick it up at your arrival airport or your hotel in Japan. Pickup location

Not at all. You just have to power it on, and you are ready to access the internet just like you would with a public Wi-Fi hotspot. The access is password protected, so only those you want to will be able to connect through your pocket Wi-Fi.

A. Yes. Please let us know how many days you would like to extend. We would charge the extension fee on your credit card from our end.

Cost of Additional one day for Unlimited Pocket WiFi: 4 USD

A. Rentals include internet access service and equipment (Pocket WiFi with charger and return envelope). That is all you will need.

When you rent your device, you will receive the rental items, plus a prepaid return envelope.

To return the device to us, please place all rental items into the prepaid return envelope, seal it, and then drop it in any mailbox.

You will easily find mailboxes all around Japan, as well as in the airport before the security gates.

Why rent a pocket Wi-Fi in Japan?

There is always a time when you have a Business trip, or Vacation with your Family or with your Friends. But it must be inconvenient when you have not prepared any internet access to secure your trip in Japan.Some how, we may think that we can access Internet at the Hotel or your booked Airbnb. However, Internet services will be additional to your accommodation fee and not to mention that the prices are very high. Due to the poor security, this can also be dangerous. Besides, so many people are connecting into it and you might want to think for our data security. It is not recommended to do Bank Transaction or Cloud Management through Public Wi-Fi.

The Best Device is Pocket Wi-Fi

Our Pocket Wi-Fi is connected to one of the major internet providers. SoftBank will give you the fastest internet service. The main attribute is real Unlimited Data. The most charming point is its portability. It’s not called Pocket Wi-Fi for nothing. The battery lasts about 9 hours. Pairing with Power Bank could be a quick solution for your long trip. Most commonly, “They” do advertise that their Pocket Wi-Fi has unlimited data, but you still have to manage 1 GB for 3 days. When it reaches the data limit, it slow down the internet speed. No one wants that, but unlike the rest. We provide Worry-free, Hassle-free, Unlimited Data Internet Service in your hand. Our main factors are ease of use and fast and friendly services.  Delivery to Hotel, Residential Address, Japan Post Offices is FREE. By the end of the rental date, you can return the rental item by placing Pocket Wi-Fi and accessories to return envelope (Letter Pack Lite) then post the packed envelope to Post Box. Also we can support Mandarin, English and Japanese, 24/7. This is the # 1 Best Service you can find.